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Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
thirty-eight really does send new education dollars straight to our schools... ...and thirty-eight keeps it there. don't be misled by the politicians. to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight. >> doesn't because coach johnny and the oakland athletics are too painful to wicker and one-----be the oakland athletics and the san francisco giants it is crunch time. >> yes. they are getting ready for the big gainers. let us take a look. they started still kidding as soon as these gates opened at the coliseum. they are still -- getting ready. with growing, partying, drinking and they believe that their team will pull off a victory. and they are even a growing. >> we need this victory. the last time and we were in detroit also lost. so i hope we do not go into this sweep. it would be very sad. reporting live, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> regimented that p richie mentioned that--that game is sold out. however, if these tarps were removed? but there could have accommodated people to watch the game. however that provides a more intimate feel a. it takes multiple are saying weather
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. >> subsidy war 14 years old you do not have any rights -- some would say. >> i have the right of education. i have the right to play, sink, talk and go to market. i have the right to sing and talk and speak. -- and much admired woman. that taliban is claiming responsibility and it is vowing to make another attempt on her life. >> showers are run the bay area but they are coming too close for the most part. are round-the bay area. the latest rotational over the ocean and it could see towards the south we could see some wrap around shower activity. moving from the south-west and to the north- west. however, we could see just cloud coverage. keeping your eye on this portion of the screen. as we see this pushing towards thursday evening the south bay and the inland valleys. but mainly just cloud coverage by 1:00 a.m. with conditions are mainly dry. temperatures are going to be 40's and '50's. 40's through livermore. and portions of the north bay as we continue towards it . 70's. the futurecast showing 70's and we could see low 70's. for tomorrow. 70's in palo alto, los gatos. 70's in cupertino
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm PDT
unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. @ñ sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. to chec >> as we take a look at gas prices we will show you why gas prices have jumped. >> chiche/+ >> there are plenty of explanations to why the gas prices are spiking. one energy specialist is stating that the federal government should look into it. the zero oil price information service stated that the average gas price and california is $4.48 a gallon. this is up 175 from just yesterday. >> there is always an explanation. >> the explanation this time is due to a shortage due to the fire at the chevron factory. there was also a power failure in southern califor
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT
during a wedd dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. >> president obama was and bakersfield and he stated that we celebrate cesar chavis spirite. most importantly less live up to his example. the ceremony took place here and he led the movement from 1970's to of the early 1990's. president obama is back in the bay area and he stepped out of air force one and greeted people who were who is that why they are want to support mitt romney. obama has never had to work and the past four years he has not done that. >> gue
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4